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Welcome to rohan_icontest! This is a icon concest community for the Rohirrim from the The Lord of the Rings this includes the horses (Mearus), Edoras and other topics related to the Rohirrim


1. All kinds of icons are welcome, as long as they fit livejournal standards
2. You can only use the pictures we give you
3. Do not post the icons anywhere else to the challenge is over and no posting icons that you've made before the challenge was set
4. Don't vote for yourself and don't tell anybody to vote for you
5. Don't take any of the icons unless the maker says you can
6. Usually rule which probably every community has no FLAMMING or SPAMMING or HOTLINKING!
7. and it's always nice to be a good sport ;)

when you submit a icon reply to the post that sets the challenge
you have to post the tag and url
for example:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
the posts will be screened

the challege will be posted on Monday and closed on Friday and voting start on Saturday till the end of Sunday and winners posted on Monday

1. you don't have to be a member to vote but the votes can't be annoymous 2. you can't vote for yourself or ask people to vote for you but you can invite others to come to vote 3. votes will be screened 4. you are asked to vote for your favourite three icons in order, if u don't vote for three your vote will not be counted 5. also there's a mod choice choosen by me or i'll ask falling_silver

if you have any problems e-mail me or easier just reply to a post
Me (lossemare) is the mod and falling_silver is the co-mod







if u want to affilate just